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September 26, 2003

Four Real Ghost Stories

Reading through Spooky America - Four Real Ghost Stories, it's easy to imagine the wide-eyed smiles and nervous giggles of the children for whom it was written. Author Lori Haskins' charming style and the bright, catchy illustrations by Viviana Diaz will tempt most any youngster. The references to real people and places lend just the right amount of possibility, a quality so necessary for the telling of a 'good' ghost story.

Local readers will especially appreciate the story of J. Dawson Hidgepath, an amorous miner who persistently searched for a wife. When J. Dawson met an untimely accidental death, his pursuit of matrimony did not die with him. In fact, long after he was buried in the old Buckskin Joe cemetery outside of Alma, women still complained that he sought their hands in marriage.

This is a STEP INTO READING book, Step 4, Grades 2-3
Published by Random House


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