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Landspout Tornadoes Advisory - N&W, S Central Park County

Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2020 4:06 pm
by ParkBull
341 PM MDT Tue Jun 23 2020
...Brief Landspout Tornadoes Possible...

At 340 PM MDT, conditions are becoming favorable for the development
of landspout tornadoes over southeastern Park County. However, at
this time it is unknown which if any storm would produce a
landspout. Any landspouts which develop are expected to pose a
limited threat.

This landspout threat will remain over mainly rural areas of
Southeast Park County.

Landspout tornadoes can form with a developing thunderstorm before
rain, hail, and even thunder is observed. Landspout tornadoes are not
usually associated with a wall cloud and are often difficult to
detect with weather radar.