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October 9, 2010



Hartsel area rancher Vern Wagner invites all area residents to free food, entertainment, information and a little bit of history of the Real West at the Salt Works Ranch west of Hartsel on Sunday, October 10th, 2010 from 2 to 6 pm.

"Vern would like to show his appreciation for the support he has received during a very difficult time in his life," according to a friend. Wagner recently won an appeal decision overturning the order that sent him to jail for 5 days. Judge Stephen Groome was reversed at the Colorado Court of Appeals this week. Hartsel-area rancher Vern Wagner's 2009 contempt order reversed

According to a public notice received from a Wagner supporter, Wes McKinley, Colorado District 64 State Representative, will be a guest at the event and is expected to make some remarks about his committee on Agriculture, Livestock and Natural Resources. The notice says that some surprise musical entertainment is also expected.

According to the invitation, those who have horses are welcomed to bring them to ride and enjoy the area. The invitation says that the event at the Salt Works Ranch is open to the community. Short notice is due to the recent announcement of the appeals court decision and the fact that winter is on its way. It's now or never.

See map below for location of the event. (Mouse over map to enlarge)

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