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June 3, 2006


On Monday, May 22, 2006, information generated by the Discovery Channel's Sensing Murder episode interviews took three members of the 11th Judicial District Homicide Task Force on a new path down the Sacramento Creek area. Investigators Richard Eaton, Betty Royse and Charlie McCormick followed up on leads from two psychics who visited the crime scenes of Bobbie Jo Oberholtzer and Annette Schnee. The psychics involved in the filming of the new television series sat down with McCormick and former CBI agent Jim Hardtke during the first week of May 2006. As a result, the investigation of the 24-year-old double homicide has taken on new life.

The Task Force spent about four hours in the field exploring new possible sites associated with the murder of Annette Schnee. Psychics Pam Coronado and Laurie Campbell indicated that the location where Schnee's body was found might not be the actual crime scene or the precise place where the death occurred, according to the team.

The two psychics, interviewed separately, reportedly came up with the same first name of a suspect in both murders as well as possible vehicle descriptions. They also provided their insights as to the nature of the relationship of the killer to the victims and possible motives connected to the murders. The Task Force members are using this new information to re-examine persons of interest in their case files, according to McCormick.

Investigators did not discuss what, if anything, they have found as a result of the new leads or their searches. "We don't want to reveal anything more specific in the ongoing investigation," McCormick said. The Sensing Murder series is scheduled to air a pilot episode later this summer.

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